[p2pu-dev] jsFiddle Embed and Syntax Highlighting

Dan Diebolt dandiebolt at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 16:08:08 UTC 2011

Here is one type of rapid application (15 minutes to create) that can be
created using jsFiddle and embedded into P2PU:


using this embed code in the rich text editor:


Unfortunately the current embedding limitations of a fixed <iframe> height
of 300px and problems with the URL pattern matching with embed.ly force you
to use the "show" version of the jsFiddle instead of one of the embed


While it may look nice on the P2PU page using the "show" version of the
jsFiddle is relying on an unpublished jsFiddle URL. It also removes the
constituent panels (HTML, JS, CSS, and Resources) and does not allow forking
of the fiddle. No features could be better suited to webcraft learners than
the ability of fork a fiddle and modify it - it goes to the heart of
principle that learning materials should be open sourced and freely
available. If you fix these shortcomings of embedding jsFiddles into the
P2PU platform you will greatly extend the capabilities of P2PU platform for
both webcraft and non-webcraft courses. Imagine a scenario where webcrafters
are creating mini applications like a quiz generator and making it available
to the wider P2PU community as a tool. If you get on that train things will
start to accelerate.

The creator of jsFiddle Piotr Zalewa has shown a lot of interest in
improving jsFiddle for usage in platforms like P2PU and answering usage
questions that have come up. Getting jsFiddle working properly within the
P2PU platform should be a very high priority. There is no other tool on this
planet that is better suited to learning front-end technologies than
jsFiddle because (a) it is a light weight, (b) easy to use, (c)
collaborative and (d) forkable way to demonstrate front-end webcraft
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