[p2pu-dev] first webmaking 101 challenge group on alpha.p2pu.org

Arlton Lowry arltonlowry at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 13:54:31 UTC 2011

Comments below, 

> Hi,
> I copied the tasks for the first webmaking 101 challenge to
> http://alpha.p2pu.org/en/groups/webmaking-101-introduce-yourself/ to
> see how they look like. A few questions:
> 1) Is the first set of challenges going to be one challenge group or
> five groups?

I think each challenge should be its own group. I don't think it makes sense to group all the challenges into a single group and then have those tasks be their own groups. It will just confuse the user.

> If it is going to be five groups, are we going to write sub headers
> for each task.

I'm sure we can just reword/condense what the task is into a single sentence. Shouldn't be a problem.

> If is going to be one group can we not call the subsections of
> http://webmaking101.p2pu.org/alpha-challenges/17 tasks because we will
> be alreadying calling tasks each of the five challenges?

I'm not sure what you're asking? Each challenge will be a group with tasks and those tasks will make up the challenge.

> 2) http://webmaking101.p2pu.org/alpha-challenges/17 is mentioning a
> community wall. Is this going to be replaced by a call to post a
> comment in the task?


> 3) Do you already have imagines for the webmaking 101 challenge group(s)?

I can work on those, if you like?

> 4) Someone has to start moving the content to the new site. Feel free
> to use alpha.p2pu.org as a demo.

I can also help out with this.

> -- 
> Thanks,
>    Zuzel

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