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Jessica Ledbetter jessica at jessicaledbetter.com
Tue Sep 13 18:54:44 UTC 2011

On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 2:26 PM, zuzel.vp <zuzel.vp at gmail.com> wrote:
> The fragment of the last community call that mentions something about
> badge adopters and assesments/badge logic is:
>    "Adopt a challenge" potential has been discussed, and this might
> be a way of having guru assessment, or somehow weight these people's
> assessment

I have that question on my list too. Since it's nonmoderated, there needs to
be some check though. I'm thinking they have at least successfully completed
the challenge. Successfully completed the challenge means they have received
the badge. But maybe it's just the self-assessment "I completed" check for
all the challenge's tasks.

>    possible to use community members who are drafted to do this in
> the first round

Yes, we need to be able to allow people to be added via admin and bypass the
usual path to adoption status.

>    We will have enough people to adopt all the challenges as
> "original adopters"

Yes, that's what John said.

> > ** All the interaction around mentoring will happen through emails so
> > there will not be a mentor role

I saw mentor role on a document but I think it was supposed to be 'adopter.'
It's on my question list, I think. I'm double checking that list after work
tonight and then sending it out for answers.

> > * Adopt this challenge will be non-moderated.
> > ** It will become a button (right now it is a link)
> > ** The functionality behind this button is to add them to the "Need
> > help? Peers that can help you with this challenge:"

Makes sense.

> > ** Adopters need to receive notifications about the activity on the
> > challenge groups (the email notifications for challenge groups will
> > work just like study group/courses).

Right, that's on my list too about notifications. Since we don't have a
wall, people will get it via email only or inbox (could be spammy) or maybe
be able to visit a view that shows submissions that haven't been evaluated

Also, maybe we should clarify with "active" adopters. That way people aren't
emailing those that haven't been on in a month. Not so big a deal for this
release, but maybe in the future.

> > ** I need input from Jessica, Erin or Chlor about the challenge
> > adopter role because I thought they were mentioning this role on the
> > assesment/badges design.

Yes. It is one of the roles. It could be more weight but I think right now
it's not. cc'd Chloe, Erin and Carla to make sure they see this :)

They get notified though and are listed as helpers.

> > ** How people leave the adopter role is not clear yet.

True. That's on my list too. I guess we can have a setting in notifications
like other places where we can at least cut down on emails until we figure
that out.

Jessica Ledbetter
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