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Arlton Lowry arltonlowry at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 20:53:28 UTC 2011

Comments below. :)

> This is going in the right direction. Thanks for sharing Arlton!
> Comments / questions
> * Community help - It would be useful to have space where users can
> ask questions related to the overall challenge (not specific to an
> individual task). These could be more general questions on how tasks
> fit together or questions about mentors ... In yesterday's call we
> discussed (and I believe we agreed) to keep the wall as a way to
> "post/communicate" while we are revisiting the activity stream
> feature. That would solve this issue.

I'm still not sold on the Activity Stream being apart of the Challenge pages. I don't see it adding that much value. I would actually argue that it takes away from the Challenges pages ability to inform the user and in-turn confuses them. I understand why the Activity Steam is on the individual tasks pages, because the users needs to be able to discuss each task, ask questions, etc. I could see the Activity Stream being its own page where we send people to discuss the overall challenge? 

I think we should see the Challenge page as an overview page that points the user in the directions they might want to go, while also providing them with key information, but not overloading them with it.

> * What do the "View/Discuss task" links lead to?

When someone rolls over the individual task they will see "View and Discuss Task" - this will take them to that tasks page where they can read about the task and discuss it with their peers. It's basically the same as the task link. It helps for users to have a visual cue when they rollover the tasks.

> * What happens when I click on one of the avatars for "Peers that can
> help with this challenge"? I'm speculating a bit, but I don't think it
> should take you to their home pages and invite to send a direct
> (personal) message, because then we take a lot of the useful
> conversations out of the public space.

That's something that I discussed with John earlier today. I'm not sure what happens when you click on their avatar, but we both agreed that they need to be listed as a resource for someone who needs help with a challenge, task, etc.

Maybe John could elaborate on how he sees this working?

> P
> On 8 September 2011 15:49, Arlton Lowry <arltonlowry at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I've updated the Challenges page mockup. Please give me some feedback.
>> https://gomockingbird.com/mockingbird/#m5ase18/epp0iO
>> I sent this to Jamie and Crystal (UX Designer at Mozilla) for their
>> feedback. Jamie said he would get back to me sometime in the morning.
>> I'm not sure about the Challenge descriptions? I'm worried about how long
>> the descriptions will be. We don't need to send anyone off to a new page,
>> but we may be able to include the "Full Description" in a lightbox. What do
>> you think?
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