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Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Thu Sep 8 20:14:28 UTC 2011

Hello P2PU People

Here are the notes from this week's community call. It was great, bells rang
out all over the show.
As always, thanks to everyone who joined in, for those who couldn't make it,
the notes can be found here: http://pad.p2pu.org/community

*8 September*


   - Stian

   - Carla

   - Bekka

   - Jessica

   - Erin

   - Philipp

   - Alison

   - Chloe

   - Stand-ups for projects

   - Assessment & Badges [Erin]

   - Finalizing the plan for badges and Webcraft challenges

   - Working with Chloe and design group on the assessment framework

   - Prepping Ali for her awesome demo in DC next week

   - Learning Analytics [Jessica]

   - Shows: task edits, comments, task views. Almost done with data export
   (CVS). Just have non-participant, non-follower data and almost finished with
   that last night. Updated http://alpha.p2pu.org:8092/en/ and the login for
   Karen is user-3 as before.

   - Overall Metrics [John]

   - http://stats.p2pu.org (nothing there yet)

   - For real-time metrics from the site, and for stats requests


   - User Support [Alison / John]

   - will coincide support desk launch (and content) with UX changes

   - push - no updates... maybe some content

   - Webcraft [John]

   - Experimenting in separate space

   - Proposed group called "The Challenge" which is an open-ended, open to
   all, as a space in which to experiment with the challenge tools

   - Challenges out for testing, should hear back soon end of this week
   early next week

   - Tech [Zuzel]

   - We are pushing UX and webmaking 101 changes into the site starting this

   - Metrics UI is almost finished and we are starting soon (Jessica) with
   the peer-assesment support for part of the webmaking 101 challenges

   - Will try to squeeze the implementation  of support for featuring groups
   and "deleting" spam courses into the todo list. (thank you!)

   - School of Ed [Philipp]

   - Two meetings (DoE US, and group in Dubai) (who did you meet with at

   - Sign-ups increasing, but not through the roof (yet)

   - (Philipp - Karen contacted me about wanting to run some
   assessments/badges in a few of her courses. We should talk about how to
   handle that (if we can handle it, how to help her, etc))


   - Courses of the Week [Ali]

   - http://p2pu.org/en/groups/musicianship-15-a/

   - http://p2pu.org/en/groups/nanowrimo-2012/


   - If anyone comes across particulalrly good courses, or interesting ones,
   then it would be great if people could bring them to this meeting, so we
   don't miss anything.

   - How are the learning plans going?


   - Some great plans have been added, but feedback is needed and review
   from the greater community would be helpful.

   - Finding freely available and open materials has been hard for some of
   the participants, which brings up old-school problems. So any science geek
   help would be great

   - Chloe is working on a blog post about "what makes a good challenge"

   - Ali to provide input based on experience in learning plans

   - Webcraft Challenges and Badge plans (status from all sides, make sure
   everyone is on the same page, next steps)

   - Tracking the badge/assessment plans, updated as of this morning:

   - Basic mode for badges and assessments:

   - Starting with first 5 challenges towards the end of September

   - Each challenge will essentailly be a a study group with some additional
   features in the tasks (Zuzel working on this)

   - Within each group are a number of tasks associated with the challenge.

   - Easy self-assessment mechanism built in for marking off the end of each

   - At the end of the set is an additional "badge task" where users have to
   submit all the work they have done, and this is peer assessed. Narrative and
   rubric will be associated with the task, so peers can check off tasks
   systematically as they go.

   - Actual  assessment outcome is a rating from 1-4 ("meets no criterea" -
   "meets all and exceeds all criteria")

   - This gives learner more info, and avoids having to say "no"

   - Still some open questions about fixing work after assessment

   - Possible to get multiple badges in the case of skill badges (HTML, or
   CSS badges for example)

   - Peer badges: "good collaborator" "Mentor" etc. We want to include
   these. In the pilot, they could just be given from one peer to another.

   - "Stealth" and "Guru" badges are on the horizon - not for this round,
   but will be rolled into later iterations.

   - Would love to see an "active contributor" badge based on number of

   - That's a good idea - maybe we can work in a few badges based on the
   metrics we are collecting - will talk to Jessica/Zuzel to see if this
   addition is possible +1 (It might be 'last active' vs 'login' but yes.
   Coolio) +1(responsive, how fast one responds to assessing someone else's
   work, if we are tracking that...)

   - Ok FINE, we'll do stealth assessment - you guys have too many good
   ideas :) Oh noes! ;) :)

   - "Adopt a challenge" potential has been discussed, and this might be a
   way of having guru assessment, or somehow weight these people's assessment

   - possible to use community members who are drafted to do this in the
   first round

   - We will have enough people to adopt all the challenges as "original

   - Assimilating this with the challenge model is a bit more tricky

   - Could align them with the assessment as well

   - We're working on these, and hopefully will have them done by the end of
   the week.

   - http://pad.p2pu.org/webcraft-challenges-badges to see the updated plan

   - Webcraft UX plans [John]

   - Decided to implement changes in Webcraft for now (separate from rest of
   P2PU to not affect everyone else)

   - Initial plan had been to make changes across the site, but there was
   not enough time to get feedback.

   - Things that we like from Webcraft will then be introduced for everyone
   (after discussion / review / feedback in the community)

   - Challenges

   - Main activity stream will be moved

   - No longer have an application deadline for challenges, they will have
   no set start or end

   - Sequences of challenges

   - Webmaking 101 is in a sequence, some to get up and running and need to
   be in order, others that do not.

   - Will probably address this by dropping people into the first one as
   soon as they sign up, once that is done, they will be pointed towards the
   2nd, 3rd etc challenges.

   - Adopt a challenge

   - We will seed challenges with people who have done them before/have

   - Learners will be able to appeal to the mentors.

   - Include a prompt as people end a challenge that asks if they want to
   opt in and adopt the challenge

   - Mentors

   - Manual matching of mentors with mentees

   - Have 10-15 mentors (incl. "people from the Internet")

   - Need more mentors? (Take some of Anna's mentors)

   - These interactions will be logged on the pad, as a means of showing
   whether mentorship can be useful

   - Mentor profiles - Include biographical information and feature them
   prominitenly to encourage others to do the same - mentor directory (model
   identities for the community members, mentors to be)

   - maybe borrow some ideas from mentornet (just signed up there not long

   - Talk to anna about possibly borrowing some of her mentors and about
   finding more mentors to deal with the potential scale of webmaking 101

   - Badge overview page for webcraft, to show what can be done, what is at

   - could drive people into challenges

   - different combinations of badges are a good way to link to people  who
   have them.

   - TASK: Erin/Chloe to pull together the list of badge content (once we
   have it :)) and send to John and work with him to get this page
made(Chloe can help here too:))<--yay!

   - The List [Philipp]

   - http://pad.p2pu.org/the-list

   - It's really hard to keep track of everything that goes on at P2PU, both
   for staff and for volunteers who want to get involved.

   - One place which has a high-level overview of what is going on at P2PU

   - Ask: What do people think?

   - What kind of info do we need to include in it?

   - If we are going to stcik with etherpads then it looks like ethepad lite
   will help with some of the things we don't like about the current

   - Intro - Carla

   - Open Badges Operation Manager

   - Welcome Carla!
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