[p2pu-dev] Challenges page mockup

Philipp Schmidt philipp at p2pu.org
Thu Sep 8 20:06:21 UTC 2011

This is going in the right direction. Thanks for sharing Arlton!

Comments / questions

* Community help - It would be useful to have space where users can
ask questions related to the overall challenge (not specific to an
individual task). These could be more general questions on how tasks
fit together or questions about mentors ... In yesterday's call we
discussed (and I believe we agreed) to keep the wall as a way to
"post/communicate" while we are revisiting the activity stream
feature. That would solve this issue.

* What do the "View/Discuss task" links lead to?

* What happens when I click on one of the avatars for "Peers that can
help with this challenge"? I'm speculating a bit, but I don't think it
should take you to their home pages and invite to send a direct
(personal) message, because then we take a lot of the useful
conversations out of the public space.


On 8 September 2011 15:49, Arlton Lowry <arltonlowry at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've updated the Challenges page mockup. Please give me some feedback.
> https://gomockingbird.com/mockingbird/#m5ase18/epp0iO
> I sent this to Jamie and Crystal (UX Designer at Mozilla) for their
> feedback. Jamie said he would get back to me sometime in the morning.
> I'm not sure about the Challenge descriptions? I'm worried about how long
> the descriptions will be. We don't need to send anyone off to a new page,
> but we may be able to include the "Full Description" in a lightbox. What do
> you think?
> Arlton
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