[p2pu-dev] Draft spam policy - input needed

Alison Cole alison at p2pu.org
Thu Sep 8 16:05:24 UTC 2011

Agree we should reserve the right to remove: content, courses AND users.


On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 7:31 AM, Nadeem Shabir <ns at talis.com> wrote:

> Pretty concise,  only thing I can think of is would we consider taking any
> action against User's that habitually do this?
> i.e. would we consider disabling someones account?  and is that something
> we'd want to make explicit in the statement?
> On 8 September 2011 09:33, Rebecca Kahn <bekka at p2pu.org> wrote:
>>  Hi everyone
>> We've noticed an increase in the number of spam courses being created
>> lately, which is not cool. While some of them obviously deserve to be
>> deleted, others are more touch and go, and we need a policy to cover
>> ourselves, just in case. Short and sweet is always best, so please have a
>> look at the draft I've put together below. Feel free to add comments and ask
>> questions.
>> Thanks
>> B
>>> P2PU takes spam seriously. In order to avoid the creation of  fake
>>> courses which link to commercial and spam sites, we reserve the right to
>>> delete any course which appears to be spam.  This includes links and
>>> feeds to and from commercial services. If you are the creator of a
>>> legitimate course which has been deleted accidentally, please accept our
>>> apologies. Feel free to email adminATp2pu.org and we will reinstate your
>>> course on the site.
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