[p2pu-dev] first step into merging school of webcraft home page changes to the lernanta repo (feedback please)

zuzel.vp zuzel.vp at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 21:52:39 UTC 2011


The first step into merging school of webcraft home page changes to
the lernanta is still on a branch
but almost ready for merging to master. I owe you screenshots (will
prepare them ASAP) of how it looks but the front end only has minor
differences of what arlton did on
http://alpha.p2pu.org:8091/en/schools/school-of-webcraft/ -- not
including background and p2pu navigation changes.

Arlton please review the changes/implementation. Need to check with
school organizers if they like one of the changes which affects their
schools as well, or if we should restrict it to SoW. The change that
could affect other schools is that only the featured schools groups
are in the homepage and we link to:


which work just like the ones we have for the general p2pu but
filtered by schools (and with the schools breadcrumbs, and links
appropiatedly changed so you stay in the school). For school of
webcraft this allows school organizers to be more selective of which
groups appear in their homepage while keeping browsing capabilities
like the general p2pu has (I think this can we useful to other schools
as well but need confirmation about this).

For the "Get notified of Webmaking 101 launch" button on the SoW home
page we are linking to the webcraft announcement mailman list. The
final implementation of this button is not yet decided so please give
feedback about the following alternatives and suggest others:

* use the webcraft mailman announcement list which I think already has
subscribers (John: do you have any idea why the Administrator password
of that list is different from the admin password of other lists?)
* use the webmaking 101 announcement mailmant list (as soon as osuosl
finishes creating it) which can be configured to be used as a one way
channel of announcements.
* implement functionality to use the sendgrid api
to add users clicking that button to the list of a newsletter we can
create on sendgrid (not sure about the complexity of implementing this
but for sure more hard than the previous options) -- we will probably
have to implement functionality to unsubscribe as well.
* ...

Arlton, john: please add the other options we mentioned briefly
yesterday (one was to use a service for which I don't remember the
name but Arlton does, and the other I think was to try to embed
mailman signup in a popup), and also explain the inconveniences
mentioned about using mailman which if I remember correctly were
related to how the mailman subscription page looks like.


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