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Thu Sep 1 16:50:27 UTC 2011

Hi all

Here are the notes from this week's community call. It was all things to all
people, and then some. Seriously.
Thanks to everyone who attended.
All notes, plus those from previous meetings, and the chat transcripts can
be found on the pad:* *http://pad.p2pu.org/community


   - Standups
   - Feedback on UX [John is moving today - Philipp]
   - Featured Courses for the weekly mailer
   - Spam policy
   - SoW discussion


   - Alison
   - Zuzel
   - Bekka
   - Philipp
   - Gunner
   - Artur
   - Erin (tardy)


*Stand-ups for projects*

   - Assesment & Badges [Erin - by email]
   - Chloe starts today! Our new Assessment Specialist! Woo!
   - We are working to define the badging strategy and requirements for  the
   Webcraft Challenges. Hope to have the plan finalized by the end of  this
   week or first thing next and the goal is to launch at the end of  September
   along with the first 5 or so challenges. Tracking here:
   - Our advisory/design group is making headway on the assessment
   framework paper - a deliverable required for the Hewlett grant but also
   will be important to frame/model our assessments and evidence of learning
   moving forward.
   - P2PU is presenting the SoW badges in our nation's capital! Ali (and
   maybe Jessy?) will be representing for P2PU at the MacArthur DML competition
   (focused on badges) announcement event in DC and demoing the SoW badge work
   up to this point with an audience that includes tons of media, fed agency
   folks, industry bigwigs, etc.(translation: its a big  deal). I am happy to
   talk more about this at some point on the call if people are interested.

   - Metrics [Zuzel]
   - Tracking of page views is on production (only visible on the admin
   - The UI that karen will see and later other organizer will see is on a
   demo on http://alppha.p2pu.org:8092
   - Jessica is working on finishing metrics work this week

   - User Support [Alison / John]
   - Adding content to knowledge base in help.p2pu.org
   - feedback from the community welcome here as well
   - Anyone can view the help desk as it currently is and offer feedback.
   - *Ali w**ill prompt community to review within coming weeks, timing will
   be tied in with UX changes*
   - Would like admin to contribute core content for now.
   - At the moment the help desk content is only in English, is there a way
   to offer this in another language?
   - Dependent on a community of non-English speakers who can offer support,
   which we don't quite have yet, but maybe in time.
   - *On the dev TODO list we have the implementation of Si**n**gle S**i**gn
   On for help.p2pu.org*

   - Webcraft [John is moving today - Philipp]
   - Challenges review process moving along -
   -  a lot of feedback from the community already
   - http://webmaking101.p2pu.org/
   - John will work with non-p2pu, non-developer people to see how they go,
   so we can get some real live testing done.
   - Final draft pushed out early next week for feedback

   - UX
   - A lot of progress made
   - These are not totally final:
   - http://alpha.p2pu.org:8091/en/schools/school-of-webcraft/
   - http://alpha.p2pu.org:8091/en/
   - Header and footer changes sent out for feedback
   - Also need feedback about the fonts and background changes
   - Zuzel rolling these out into the site at the moment

   - Tech [Zuzel]
   - http://blogs.p2pu.org/blog/2011/09/01/new-features-on-p2pu-org-v-1-3/
   - https://github.com/p2pu/lernanta/wiki/Dev-Meetings-2011 <-- tech update
   is mostly here

*Feedback on UX *

   - If anyone hasn't looked at John's emails (new header and footer),
   please look at them, and give feedback on the list.
   - We can revert changes, but always better to get it right before we
   launch them
   - General home page and schools home page chnages to come soon.
   - Also need feedback about the backgrounds and fonts.
   - Will this be in the course home page draft?

*Featured Courses*

   - What's the process to find good courses every week? Alison will bring
   examples to the list
   - Ok to include "courses under development"? yes
   - Needs a tech change (will do it is already in place for schools, just
   have to do it on the general list too)
   - Question -> Can Ali provide a lit of things that are looking
   interesting? She's in touch with course organizers a lot more / daily basis
   - *Ali* to do a weekly round-up each week going forward
   - Feature School of Ed courses this week
   - See Karen's blog posts about this, and loads of tweets

*Spam policy*

   - Spammers are providing active links on the site to their commercial
   - Ideal will be to hide them completely
   - This allows rolling back in case something turns out not to be SPAM
   - Requires development work
   - Also consider "nofollow" links to reduce
   - But unless we can make sure SPAMers know it's not really effective
   - But at least Google doesn't think of us as a spammer
   - Question/ Boundary case:
   - Pseudo course which points to someone's URL to increase search results
   - Need a policy:
      - Very short -> 3 sentences
      - We reserve the right to remove content that is unproductive or
      inappropriate ...
      - Get Gunner's input on this!

   - *Bekka to draft for next week *
   - Get feedback from community


   - Should SoW community members already running courses be allowed to
   continue to do so? If someone proposes a new course, what happens?
      - Nope - sorry *we probably don't want this*
      - Sure - old model still works
   - Is the new webcraft model still in the P2P spirit?
      - Major changes to be made to how SoW works in the next little while,
      in terms of how courses work, challenges, processes etc
   - Change always has the potential to surface tension points, and we need
   to consider where these might be and how we should deal with them
   - For example: At the moment, we have several people who are running
   successful courses, so how will these fit in with a challenges-oriented way
   of doing things?
   - Alison & Zuzel think: until we check if the challenges model is
   successful we should not get rid of the old model and even if they are su
   ccessful we need feedback from existing facilitators
   - An untested challenges model which doesn't work will leave us with
   nothing, which we want to avoid.
   - Does this new model mean that more experts will be running courses, and
   if this is the case does it mean that we might be moving away from the Peer
   2 Peer spirit of doing things?
   - The challenges objective is to make it in fact more scaleable for peer
   learning to happen
   - It would be useful to get some documentation on what has worked/not
   worked so far, so that we can communicate what changes are happening and why
   - Inheritance of courses has been a problem
   - Incentives to run courses has been a problem
      - Need to make incentives for running courses AND for being
      facilitators stronger.
      - Charging for the second, third, fourth time round might be an
      - Pushback on this has been strong

   - Blog posts describing this:
   - http://blogs.p2pu.org/blog/2011/08/19/state-of-webcraft-webmaking-101/
   - *[Philipp]* Next steps:
   - Communicate the thinking behind what's going on right now better
   - Challenges we've felt with the courses model
   - Ideas that will make it MORE p2p
   - Linger in the problem space
   - Plan A -> challenges
   - What about plan B, or C -> let people pay/charge, higher bar to become
   a facilitator
   - Webcraft is a pilot (testing a new idea)
   - Get it out broadly (blog, FB, twitter, email to community list)
   - Include an ASK to the community
   - Are we talking around the right problems?
   - Next survey?
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