[p2pu-dev] Announcement: Lernanta continuous integration and deployment

James Tatum jtatum at gmail.com
Fri May 27 07:52:35 UTC 2011


The COntinuous INtegration server is pretty much done. Here's a short overview:

1. Automatic database migrations and tests

If these fail, this email list should get a message. Visiting the web page [0] and browsing to Lernanta will show a test history across recent "builds" displayed in a nice graph (right above Chuck Norris). Other nice graphs available show the 'build' and test time in a fancy trend graph. The only thing I still want to do here is add code coverage reporting. 

2. Continuous deployment

If everything in step 1 passes, a production database is migrated, updated code is deployed and Apache is restarted. In a nutshell, after a commit to p2pu/lernanta, within 10 minutes the changes should appear on the site[1]. I did my best to use an environment that's very close, if not identical, to production. It should have working celery, superfeedr, email, captcha, and debug set to False. I did add a small tweak to include a robots.txt which should block The Google from noticing this little test site and any spurious data testers add. I think it goes without saying that while it should just work, the data on this site is subject to destruction at any time.

3. Todo

I have a short list:
* Update Hudson documentation[2] with steps for continuous deployment and some small tweaks to the production deployment doc
* Complain about the new slimmer admin interface (see my next email ;) )
* Code coverage reporting in Hudson
* Switch from polling Git every five minutes to pushes, which should make updates much faster

[0] http://coin.5cat.com:8080
[1] http://coin.5cat.com
[2] https://github.com/p2pu/lernanta/wiki/Configuring-lernanta-on-hudson

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