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We could consider hosting a separate instance of lernanata on out server /
different domain for them if that would solve the problem. P
On 20 May 2011 10:11 PM, "Alan Webb" <alancwebb at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone, just a few notes from a budding partnership with YUE who
> to work with P2PU to get courses started at around 90 universities in
> around the topics of storytelling and project management. Laura and I are
> helping them build up those courses in successive stages starting this
> summer and going into the Fall. YUE is also Wiser-U's partner in China and
> we are going to be pulling in some help from Ashoka U's network to help
> build these courses also, so this is helping facilitate a great
> among organisations we would like to feel more and more a part of SoSI.
> YUE seems reluctant to use the P2PU site or help with localization, but we
> did talk about that and they do have the technical capability to help out.
> Their concerns all seem to stem from a fear that the site could become
> blocked any day, for example by some unmoderated political content getting
> posted. For that reason, they seem inclined to start with home-grown
> solutions ror now for sharing powerpoints to be used by study groups, and
> use QQ or home-grown forums for connecting students. And in the mean time
> we'll keep talking about how to tie that work together and at a minimum
> share what they do in some way with the rest of the world through P2PU
> offered to translate materials they produce into English, we offered that
> their energy might be better spent translating the overall P2PU site into
> Chinese, but that didn't address the above concerns).
> This brings up a discussion I had a long time ago with Stian about what
> localization in China might look like, so it's not a new one, but it's
> becoming immediate relevant.
> I'd like to ask if anyone has any creative ideas about how to handle
> localization in a place where not just language translation, but also
> government censorship and blocking, are very real concerns and challenges.
> Just for the sake of conversation, if the value of P2PU is in our
> more so than our technology, are there any creative ideas how we can help
> them connect, brand and communicate themselves as part of the P2PU
> community, even if it turns out that they might prefer a home-grown tech
> solution, or even if they remain reluctant to move their work to one
> platform and domain hosted in the U.S.? What does working together and
> sharing look like in that scenario?
> I think this taps into some much broader conversations about the nature
> vision of this community, so I wanted to put it out to everyone for
> discussion!
> Many Thanks,
> Alan
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> From: 谢昱Emilia <emiliaxie at qq.com>
> Date: 2011/5/20
> Subject: YUE +p2pu
> To: lew3425 <lew3425 at gmail.com>, "飘飘@QQ.com" <392209216 at qq.com>, 海阔天空 <
> 545868732 at qq.com>, creatorkuang <creatorkuang at gmail.com>, Alan Webb <
> alancwebb at gmail.com>
> Hi everyone,
> Tonight we have done a great job!
> Here are topics we have talked about:
> 1, Plan for p2pu to enter into China:
> Step 1) Design the course together, recruit someone from Ashoka to help
> facilitate - during June
> Step 2) Test the course in July together with people who can help pass it
> Step 3) Announce at Wiser U Camp in August
> Step 4) Invite more people to join in Sept / Oct
> 2, Course Model:
> Step 1) Members of YUE take the p2pu course and p2pu offer YUE course
> resourse(ppt&words)
> Step 2) The members of YUE retell the course to other students
> Step 3) Other students give course to their group~
> Step 4) Collect feedback
> 3, Course design:
> By June 6th, p2pu collect course suggestion and Laura prepare a Course
> June -- July 1st, course design by e-mail( Step 1: build the course
> list ---- by June ?? 15th is OK?)
> ( Step 2: fullfill the
> course(p2pu& YUE) ----- by June?? 25th is OK?)
> ( Step 3: promote the
> course -----by June ?? )
> E-mail:
> Laura White: lew3425 at gmail.com
> Emilia Xie :emiliaxie at qq.com
> Perry Huang: 392209216 at qq.com
> Alan Webb: AlanCWebb at gmail.com
> creator kuang" <creatorkuang at gmail.com>
> Wushisheng :545868732 at qq.com
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