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Hi everyone, just a few notes from a budding partnership with YUE who wants
to work with P2PU to get courses started at around 90 universities in China
around the topics of storytelling and project management.  Laura and I are
helping them build up those courses in successive stages starting this
summer and going into the Fall.  YUE is also Wiser-U's partner in China and
we are going to be pulling in some help from Ashoka U's network to help
build these courses also, so this is helping facilitate a great convergence
among organisations we would like to feel more and more a part of SoSI.

YUE seems reluctant to use the P2PU site or help with localization, but we
did talk about that and they do have the technical capability to help out.
 Their concerns all seem to stem from a fear that the site could become
blocked any day, for example by some unmoderated political content getting
posted.  For that reason, they seem inclined to start with home-grown
solutions ror now for sharing powerpoints to be used by study groups, and to
use QQ or home-grown forums for connecting students.  And in the mean time
we'll keep talking about how to tie that work together and at a minimum
share what they do in some way with the rest of the world through P2PU (they
offered to translate materials they produce into English, we offered that
their energy might be better spent translating the overall P2PU site into
Chinese, but that didn't address the above concerns).

This brings up a discussion I had a long time ago with Stian about what
localization in China might look like, so it's not a new one, but it's
becoming immediate relevant.

I'd like to ask if anyone has any creative ideas about how to handle
localization in a place where not just language translation, but also
government censorship and blocking, are very real concerns and challenges.

Just for the sake of conversation, if the value of P2PU is in our community
more so than our technology, are there any creative ideas how we can help
them connect, brand and communicate themselves as part of the P2PU
community, even if it turns out that they might prefer a home-grown tech
solution, or even if they remain reluctant to move their work to one
platform and domain hosted in the U.S.?   What does working together and
sharing look like in that scenario?

I think this taps into some much broader conversations about the nature and
vision of this community, so I wanted to put it out to everyone for

Many Thanks,

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Hi everyone,
Tonight we have done a great job!
Here are topics we have talked about:

1, Plan for p2pu to enter into China:
Step 1) Design the course together, recruit someone from Ashoka to help
facilitate - during June
Step 2) Test the course in July together with people who can help pass it on
Step 3) Announce at Wiser U Camp in August
Step 4) Invite more people to join in Sept / Oct

2, Course Model:
Step 1) Members of YUE take the p2pu course and p2pu offer YUE course
Step 2) The members of YUE retell the course to other students
Step 3) Other students give course to their group~
Step 4) Collect feedback

3, Course design:
By June 6th, p2pu collect course suggestion and Laura prepare a Course list
    June -- July 1st, course design by e-mail( Step 1: build the course
list   ---- by June ?? 15th is OK?)
                                                    (  Step 2: fullfill the
course(p2pu& YUE) ----- by June?? 25th is OK?)
                                                    (  Step 3: promote the
course  -----by June ?? )
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