[p2pu-dev] help with blog design

Philipp Schmidt phi.schmidt at gmail.com
Thu May 19 12:21:06 UTC 2011

Design Gurus - Please have a look. I think we are almost there.

Thanks for all the help. -- P

On 18 May 2011 22:54, Jessica Ledbetter <jessica at jessicaledbetter.com>wrote:

> I do Wordpress theming but haven't looked at the Platform theme. I can
> get it going locally though it'd have to wait till after I finish up
> my tickets with Lernanta. ;)
> It looks like on the (new) P2PU site that the splash page has a
> different font than the body text on the underlying pages. I'm
> guessing you want to look like our text-y pages.
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