[p2pu-dev] etherpad down

Jessy Kate Schingler jessy at jessykate.com
Sun May 15 04:06:43 UTC 2011

i just logged in to restart and i see why the script wasn't working...

Maximum ram: 512M
> Maximum thread count: 32
> Using config file: ./etc/etherpad.local.properties
> Error occurred during initialization of VM
> Could not reserve enough space for object heap

top shows python, mysqld and apache are using the most memory, though
together they only add up to about 30% so i'm not exactly sure what else is
using all that memory. however, free -m shows 54Mb free :-O.

anyway, i'm not really clear where all that memory is going... but it looks
like the python process is associated with OSQA... and, there's two osqa
instances running, so let me kill one and restart the other...


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> down.
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