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Tinashe Ruswa tpruswa at gmail.com
Fri May 13 15:48:02 UTC 2011

I have and am using wikispaces as well for my work here and as a techi
working with non techi people it is very easy to use.

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> Forwarding Karen's email about wiki. P
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> From: Karen Fasimpaur <karen at k12opened.com>
> Date: 13 May 2011 00:40
> Subject: wiki issue
> To: Stian Håklev <shaklev at gmail.com>, Philipp Schmidt <
> phi.schmidt at gmail.com>
> If you're looking for something super-easy to use with strong features
> that you don't have to host yourself, you might look at Wikispaces. You
> can use a custom domain that shouldn't be blocked. You can test with
> http://www.ncceconnect.org/  if you want.
> I would normally go to an open solution like MediaWiki, but in this case
> not because a) in my experience, the learning curve is steep for non-tech
> folks (unbelievable but repeatedly proven) and b) the spam is ridiculous.
> I've had no spam on Wikispaces and have 20 or so sites there.
> (I seem unable to post to the dev group. Is that right?)
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