[p2pu-dev] a P2PU toolbar for navigating external content? Use case: blog posts, JSFiddle tasks, Badge submissions

Joe Corneli holtzermann17 at gmail.com
Sat May 7 15:15:38 UTC 2011

If something can be prototyped with FF it can be taken up on other
browsers later.

A couple of references to related work:

The sociallearn.org website describes SocialLearn as a "free tool" and
say it will be available for beta testing later this year.  They have
a "learning backpack" toolbar that could be useful in this fashion.

My own Gravpad project, demoed here,
could be used as a browser plugin or as a pop-up that exists within
individual pages/elements on P2PU.  This early demo includes a
Greasemonkey plugin -- it needs work (in particular, porting to
Etherpad 1.1 and Jetpack).

On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 11:46 AM, Pippa Buchanan
<Pippa.Buchanan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Excuse me if I don't explain myself very well... and please clarify if you
> can explain things better :-) ccing this to the Webcraft list as it
> potentially responds to many challenges of teaching web development using a
> platform.
> The P2PU platform acts as a community platform where people share their
> learning. This learning happens in many different tools and external
> platforms, is recorded and then shared with the community.  How can we
> easily track the learning that's taking place outside of our site and
> provide a link back to our platform?
> Use Cases
> John is in a study group. For one of the groups tasks John reads an article,
> he writes a blog posts sharing his responses to the article and shares this
> link back to his peers. His peers are invited to comment on his blog post.
> (but where - at his blog or on the P2PU Task page?)
> Dan is studying jQuery, he likes to use JSFiddle to develop his code
> examples and as an easy way to share his work with his peers. He'd also like
> to review and comment on all of his peers' work on JSFiddle instances, but
> finds it difficult to manage all the tabs he opens up.
> The Front End Design study group are attempting the Front End Designer badge
> and need to share their sample websites with the badge system. Like Dan in
> instance 2 they also need to review their peers' sample sites and have to
> respond to particular elements of the assessment criteria when they're
> reviewing.
> For all of these activities our users need to leave the P2PU site. There's
> been a lot of discussion about embedding content as a way to bring external
> tools and content into the platform, but realistically, I can't see how we
> can guarantee to effectively embed every potential tool that may be used
> across the community and maintain the usability of the P2PU platform AND the
> external tool (eg. JSFiddle, HTMLPad, a full width web page sample)
> The challenge then is, how can we (easily) extend our platform onto the web?
> Suggestion - a P2PU Toolbar
> Can we create a iframe P2PU Toolbar that we display above certain content
> when we open a new page and which allows users to submit responses for task
> submissions, comment on task submissions, suggest content to their group and
> review badge submissions?
> Is an iframe toolbar the right description of a potential solution? I'd
> propose that we create a Firefox extension, but am aware that that excludes
> a large number of users.
> What do you think?
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