[p2pu-dev] a P2PU toolbar for navigating external content? Use case: blog posts, JSFiddle tasks, Badge submissions

Pippa Buchanan Pippa.Buchanan at gmail.com
Thu May 5 10:46:31 UTC 2011

*Excuse me if I don't explain myself very well... and please clarify if you
can explain things better :-) ccing this to the Webcraft list as it
potentially responds to many challenges of teaching web development using a
platform. *

The P2PU platform acts as a community platform where people share their
learning. This learning happens in many different tools and external
platforms, is recorded and then shared with the community.  How can we
easily track the learning that's taking place outside of our site and
provide a link back to our platform?
Use Cases*

   1. John is in a study group. For one of the groups tasks John reads an
   article, he writes a blog posts sharing his responses to the article and
   shares this link back to his peers. His peers are invited to comment on his
   blog post. (but where - at his blog or on the P2PU Task page?)
   2. Dan is studying jQuery, he likes to use JSFiddle to develop his code
   examples and as an easy way to share his work with his peers. He'd also like
   to review and comment on all of his peers' work on JSFiddle instances, but
   finds it difficult to manage all the tabs he opens up.
   3. The Front End Design study group are attempting the Front End Designer
   badge and need to share their sample websites with the badge system. Like
   Dan in instance 2 they also need to review their peers' sample sites and
   have to respond to particular elements of the assessment criteria when
   they're reviewing.

For all of these activities our users need to leave the P2PU site. There's
been a lot of discussion about embedding content as a way to bring external
tools and content into the platform, but realistically, I can't see how we
can guarantee to effectively embed every potential tool that may be used
across the community and maintain the usability of the P2PU platform AND the
external tool (eg. JSFiddle, HTMLPad, a full width web page sample)

The challenge then is, how can we (easily) extend our platform onto the web?
Suggestion - a P2PU Toolbar*

Can we create a iframe P2PU Toolbar that we display above certain content
when we open a new page and which allows users to submit responses for task
submissions, comment on task submissions, suggest content to their group and
review badge submissions?

Is an iframe toolbar the right description of a potential solution? I'd
propose that we create a Firefox extension, but am aware that that excludes
a large number of users.

*What do you think?*
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