[p2pu-dev] UI changes for 0.5 [ was Re: release 0.4]

João Antonio de Menezes Neto tonyhomes at gmail.com
Sun May 1 21:00:36 UTC 2011

just a quick clarifying question, Philipp posted "Make breadcrum sub-header
of the group title" but the ideal scenario would be "Make breadcrumb a
navigation menu for the study group areas - Update's Wall, Tasks, etc).


Em 1 de maio de 2011 17:57, João Antonio de Menezes Neto <
tonyhomes at gmail.com> escreveu:

> the great advantage of having the footer as the original psd as it works as
> an index/table of contents of the whole site, allowing global navigation
> without the need of opening dropdown menus.
> i agree with jessica that the gray area Aleks had drawn served as a good
> protection area for the brand and it also allowed a delimited space to play
> with schools logos/icons/badges. i remember that the gray area wasn't near
> enough of the heading div, it was originally planned to have 0px of margin
> between them
> (:
> 2011/5/1 Philipp Schmidt <phi.schmidt at gmail.com>
>> On 1 May 2011 16:16, Jessica Ledbetter <jessica at jessicaledbetter.com>
>> wrote:
>> > Zuzel made a task with his suggestions. I'm guessing we just need
>> approval
>> > from you, Philipp?
>> All suggestions will increase usability, and there hasn't been any
>> dissent on this list. Let's go ahead and implement them.
>> >
>> http://p2pu.lighthouseapp.com/projects/71002/tickets/253-joao-suggestions#ticket-253-1
>> I've added Joao's mock-up.
>> > And whatever other changes we need UI-wise and we'll get it in there.
>> > I'm still hoping for a new logo or the grey to come back ;)
>> A designer friend will send us some suggestions. For now, we should
>> clean up as much as possible (Joao mentioned cleaning out the grey
>> from the heads of the letters P) and make a tiny bit smaller so it
>> doesn't touch against the borders.
>> > I put in BETA lower right of the logo because that seems pretty popular
>> and
>> > worked, in my opinion, with the grey angles. Doesn't really use up too
>> much
>> > real estate though but seems off balance without the grey background. We
>> can
>> > definitely play with placement/size especially if we are looking at
>> school
>> > branding.
>> In general, I think the BETA is great where it is. I am suggesting to
>> move it to top right, so we get a little more space to move up the
>> rest of the page. If it looks funny, let's not do it.
>> > I also would like to see the footer become more like the original PSD
>> > design. I think we're at a point (or very close to it) with the
>> different
>> > content parts we needed for it (like about, help, etc).
>> > I can delete the grey out of the P2PU logo if we don't have the new one
>> > before 0.5 goes live.
>> Thanks! Fingers crossed still ...
>> P
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