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Tue Mar 29 21:35:33 UTC 2011

Hola Miguel,

Gracias por el link (http://migueldavid.co.cc/mCursos/index.html).
Creo que lo habia visto en un correo a p2pu-community
pero no había podido reponder aun.

Seria bueno que pudieramos conversar sobre tus ideas sobre el
prototipo y como podrias vincularte al proyecto. Yo estoy online via
IRC en #p2pu-dev  (Freenode), en caso de que quieras conversar en
tiempo real. También podemos continuar el dialogo via email.

Me parece que el mejor lugar para tener todos los materiales que le
interesan a un usuario seria su dashboard (sigue los links en
http://lists.p2pu.org/pipermail/p2pu-dev/2011-March/000594.html para
que tengas una idea de como funciona new.p2pu.org en este momento). En
este momento el dashboard muestra una lista de status updates de las
personas y cursos que el usuario esta siguiendo, pero aun tienes que
ir hasta la pagina del curso para hacer cualquier cosa. Trabajar en
pos de poder participar en varios cursos al mismo tiempo seguro seria
util para muchos usuarios.

En estos momentos yo tengo mis manos bastantes llenas con la lista de
tareas para dentro de dos semanas
pero cualquier ayuda en mejorar el sitio es bienvenida. En
https://github.com/p2pu/lernanta/wiki hay detalles de como contribuir.


On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 4:27 PM, Pippa Buchanan
<Pippa.Buchanan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Zuzel et al,
> I'd like to introduce the P2PU-dev list to Miguel David Q, a Webcraft
> participant who has gone to the effort of putting together some wireframes
> with his ideas for the site.   I think he could become a great contributor
> to the P2PU Dev project!
> One issue Miguel brought up is that English is a second language for him
> which has made it harder for him to find the Tech list.
> It would be useful if we could flag specific technical documents as high
> priority localisation tasks so that non-English participants have better
> opportunities to participate.  This is something we should act upon beyond
> the technical side of things too :-)
> Thanks,
> Pippa
>> Hi everyone.
>> My name is Miguel David Q, I'm a student from p2pu.
>> My first language is Spanish, so i hope you people understand me. :). the
>> other think im not sure if this is the correct channel to  bring my idea
>> to
>> the community, so i apologize if is not.
>> I'm really happy looking how this community is growing and taking form and
>> i
>> wanna make my contribution for that.
>> The other day i was reading about the pre-designed courses and i have an
>> idea in my head  how those courses should be.
>> One of the reasons i don't like taking courses online is because all
>> materials are in different places, and this makes to confuse take the
>> course. (im taking 3 and i say i don't like.)
>> For that reason i made this prototype
>> http://migueldavid.co.cc/mCursos/index.html
>> The most important think here is the page2; there is all the material,
>> links
>> and stuff you will need to take the Lecture in just one place.
>> http://migueldavid.co.cc/mCursos/index2.html
>> The idea is to have an option where you can put videos, readings, links
>> and
>> other stuffs, in order to be taken.
>> The idea is make something clean and easy to follow;  in 3 simple steps:
>> Main page -
>> Lesson -
>> Assignment -
>> The other important think on my prototype is the check box, whit those i
>> always gonna know where i am.
>> And finally having all the information centralized, I will always fully
>> aware of the lesson without me lose any material.
>> I really hope you find this prototype useful and find my ideas according
>> whit your goals for p2pu.
>> i know p2pu team can development all this platform and make it possible
>> integrating all our ideas
>> Would be would be a great honor to help and work with p2pu.
>> Regards
>> Miguel David Q.
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