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Tue Mar 29 05:11:38 UTC 2011


At release 0.2 course organizers and participants can do almost the
same things (except for editing the course's summary, image, links,
and participants, and the functionality of contacting all participants
for important news). Followers have less access in 0.2 than want they
had on release 0.1 (they can not add any kind of content to the
release 0.2's courses). When you follow a course the only thing that
happens is that the course updates appear in your dashboard. You will
not receive emails from the organizer as part of a broadcast but you
can contact the organizer with a direct message. On release 0.2 the
addition of participants is done manually by the organizer.

You are a participant of the lernanta-dev course in new.p2pu.org. -- I
should make the roles more visible (right now you can see them when
you pass the cursor over users pictures in the course page People
section, or over the course pictures in the users' profile and
dashboard) and include help text of what you can do in each role.



On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 9:41 PM, Jessy Kate <jessy.cowansharp at gmail.com> wrote:
> hey guys/zuzel,
> the following is confusing... doesn't quite seem like a bug, but i'm just
> not sure what is happening:
> i noticed with the content pages i can a) comment on the content pages for a
> course i own, and b) for the p2pu-dev course, i can also see, at the
> top-right corner, an "edit page" and "post comment" button. but even though
> i started following stian's course ("chinese for shopkeepers"), i see no
> such buttons on HIS content pages, and can't comment.
> is this a roles/permissions thing?
> jessy
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