[p2pu-dev] Simple Enhancement Request for Drupal Platform - 5 Minutes of Work and Joy

Dan Diebolt dandiebolt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 20:42:36 UTC 2011

There is another implication of this capability. There is now actually a
feature within the P2PU platform where a user could accumulate a portfolio
and display it embedded on a profile page. There is an undocument feature of
jsfiddle where you can assemble a complete stand alone page incorporating
all the panels and dependent libraries by append /show/ to the end of the
fiddle - like this:


If this "final cut" page was saved and re-hosted outside of jsfiddle - say
on P2PU  even another domain it could be included within an iframe and
someone could actually look at a portfolio of work without jumping all over
the internet.

Signup task could be immediately and seamlessly created by forking an
embedded fiddle.
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