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Hi Everyone

Please find below the notes from this week's community call. And many thanks
to all of those who attended. All notes, and the chat transcripts, as well
as old notes, can be found here: http://pad.p2pu.org/community


*21 July 2011*


   - Board meeting report [Philipp]
   - Moving to staff accounts @p2pu.org - What does it mean? How to do it
   - highlander rule of email [John]
   - Localization for groups? Compass Partners and KCDC/Hub DC/etc. offers
   of collaboration [Alan]


   - Pippa (muted due to swamp building noise)
   - Bekka
   - Zuzel
   - Jessica
   - Alan
   - Erin
   - Philipp


   - updating Drumbeat page
   - Self-sustaining community planning
   - Non-SoW - working on learning workshop for late August in Berlin
   - would love your feedback and ideas on how to make outputs from workshop
   a useful tool for P2PU participants too:


   - committed code to allow organizers to tag their groups
   - working on wireframing some metric needs for PD
   - working on task drag/drop


   - Admin stuff (board report prep, paperwork)
   - Marketing/blogging/tweeting
   - Been sick, so more thinking than doing these last few days.


   - In the middle of our dev tasks for this summer:
   - Dev meeting yesterday:


   - At Campus Party Mex, Talking about P2PU today
   - Contacted Mike Morgan about UX person from Moz to work on P2PU
   - UX Job posting / Webcraft Challenge Designer posting


   - TimeBanks starting to create SoSI courses
   - Sorting out potential collabs for the Fall
   - Compass Partners
   - D.C. groups (KCDC, Hub D.C., Citizen Circles)
   - Hub D.C. and global Hub network
   - Ashoka
   - Tulane Changemaker Talent profile tool - potential P2PU tech collab


   - Badge working group meeting in NYC
   - Working with new assessment and badge design group
   - DML competition work (revisiting badge paper, working on messaging,
   - Catching up on everything: emails, meetings, etc.


   - Board meeting Tuesday night
   - Badges working group Monday/Tuesday
   - Hiring


   - reviewing new courses
   - finishing up animation!


*Board report back (preliminary)*

   - 2nd ever board meeting, this time done by phone.

   - Amazing how much stuff has happened since the last one, and there was
   good energy.

   - 2 main topics:

   - *Sustainability and Independence* conversation got started

   - There is a sustainability group (Mark Surman, Nadeem Shabir, Cathy
   Casserly) and we might need to bring in people with more business

   - Will keep working on getting grant/project funding, donations and
   individual funding and also talk about revenue generation as means of

   - *2nd topic: Schools*: There has been a lot of interest from outside
   people on starting schools, a lot of energy post-Barcelona, but this has
   died down a bit.

   - Board interested in finding a way of starting schools which has little
   drain on the core activities of P2PU.

   - SoW-type scale will be demanding to maintain, but this doesn't preclude

   - Thanks to everyone who sent in reports

   - Schools and sustainability are directly linked and it's early stages to
   know how that would play out, but if there is a business model that allows
   schools to be sustainable and bring money to P2PU, then we will investiage

   - 2 approaches - low-click, or customised.

   - Alan: There has been discussion lately about "sponsored semesters" e.g.
   Hub D.C., Ashoka, Echoing Green, etc. sponsors a semester on "Social Venture
   101" - sponsorship used to pay a few key organizing staff - then we move on
   to the next semester on Women in Social Innovation, Energy, Healthcare, etc.

*Moving to staff accounts @p2pu.org*

   - John: been getting a lot of emails wanting to set up calls/meetings/etc

   - suggested that staff start using the communal P2PU google calendar

   - also good for us to have an @p2pu email address for staff

   - Who gets an @p2pu address?

   - Schools?

   - Super committed volunteers? (and what defines that)

   - are those the working group owners pippa mentions below? use that as

   - super committed is probably also course organizers that have been doing
   it a while too maybe. or maybe those we think we want to schedule meetings

   - Staff

   - Board?

   - working groups / module owners?

   - [John] to make a recommendation on this. Prepare a few bullets and send
   to community.

   - Sending mail from a different address --


   - "There can only be one" ("be only one"? "be one only"?) can be only one
   (huge fan)

   - John has suggested the Highlander Rule for email: Generally emails only
   go to one person in the "to" field with others on cc, then it is clear as to
   who the response is needed from.

*Localization for groups*
*Compass Partners and KCDC/Hub DC/etc. offers of collaboration [Alan]*

   - Alan has been having discussions with Compass Partners & other
   grassroots education groups in DC, looking for ways to leverage the P2PU
   platform for localised groups.

   - The tech meets their needs and the values sit well with them

   - But they would like to be able to have groups formed around areas of
   interest locally.

   - Compass Partners have a socil entrepeneurship fellowship programme in
   DC and they have funding which is allowing them to expand their curriculum.

   - Want to know if it would be possible to run courses which create
   "sacred spaces" ie: allow entrepeneurs to speak privately about

   - 2 questions:

   - Can we set up something for KCDC/Hub DC (more public) like a
   subschool/or affiliation marked with tags

   - We  can do that very easily but need to work on the actual
   functionality of that, in terms of the site activity, like following a tag,

   - Possible to have private conversations/interaction within P2PU hosted

   - We have discussed this and it is possible, questions around how we make
   it happen in terms of functionality, and sustainability

   - Alan: they (Compass Partners) can potentially bring their own resorces
   to this

   - *T**imeline: **mid-late **late september start running courses *

   - developer: has 1 looking at github. Alan will have

   - Possible solution - pages to follow tag sets

   - *Next steps: *Everyone thinks this is interesting, Alan will continue
   exploring, and report back

*Process for developing with external partners*

   - Is there a process for finding developers if we have external partners
   who want to work with us, but don't have developers?

   - Important to decide if we want these features or not

   - We don't have clear processes for this, so it might be more on a
   case-by-case basis

   - We don't have a stable of developers (yet!)

*Notes on Alan's use case*

   - Is preference for open source driven by ability to contribute back (or
   cost savings, philosophically the rigth thing, etc.)?

   - Portfolio alternatives Feel Good & RippleQ

*Wider discussion*:

   - There is a general market need for tools for social entrepeneur to
   track their progress so that employers can see what their skills are and see
   what they have done.

   - P2PU is putting a lot of effort into both learning online and the
   badges feature which meets a lot of the demand for these portfolio services
   for change innovators.

   - The Tulane example is a project to run a scaled-down version of
   Lernanta on their servers, allowing them to build this portfolio

   - Question: does P2PU become a platform allowing schools to run
   independently (subdomain, own branding, custom url etc - like wordpress).

   - Do we (P2PU) have the time and resources to build a
stand-aloneapplication that runs at Tulane? Can we expect enough
collaboration /
   code-development to flow back into Lernanta so that this makes sense for us?

   - Does Citizen Circles want to use P2PU as this platform?

   - Overall we're less interested in supporting external installations of
   P2PU, and prefer to have schools / parteners hosted within the
p2pu.orgplatform in a way similar to wordpress. We can provide
subdomains, custom
   domains, etc

   - In the case that an org wants to fork P2PU that is perfectly fine and
   we'll happily accept pull requests, however we may not be likely to support

   - potential future in private/external version of p2pu - farther down the

   - schools are pushing for less integration, do we need to provide a
   compelling reason for continued integration

   - Examples we can learn from:

   - Github - but very different because exchange between code projects much
   more likely to happen than between course tasks (you won't see a poetry task
   in a webcraft course, except in Jessica's next course)

   - Wordpress - one install that runs all separate, but independent blogs.
   But userid works across all blogs.

Rebecca Kahn
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