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James Tatum jtatum at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 21:09:49 UTC 2011

Would this be a good time to suggest that the external feeds just be
removed altogether? I'm really unclear on the value of these when they
aren't filtered for P2PU related activities, and the mechanism of how
such filtering would work is also unclear to me. As a user, I don't
understand how I'm supposed to use them.

If we do stick with them, I think their issues break down as:

1. Explaining to a publisher (someone who adds a feed to their site)
what to add and why - for instance, "don't add your Flickr account
(unless you're in a photography group), but do add your blog feed that
shows articles related to the topic you're studying"
2. Making it easier to filter articles, as a publisher and as a follower
3. External feeds in general I think need love, for instance the
initial add and update mechanisms seem to produce bursts of updates -
and perhaps something on the display side to filter them as well

If the purpose of feeds is, "I think soandso is an interesting person,
let's see what they're up to outside P2PU," then whatever we implement
for these will trend towards the functionality of something like
FriendFeed or Google Buzz. Is there a use case for these that guides
the conversation about them?

On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 1:59 PM, Jessica Ledbetter
<jessica at jessicaledbetter.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 3:44 PM, Philipp Schmidt <philipp at p2pu.org> wrote:
>> Suggested Default:
>> * Messages from course organizer (in separate color?)
> An easy way to see just the messages from the organizer would be helpful. I
> think we'd talked about allowing an organizer to have an "important message"
> on the group's main page. So being able to filter just for organizer
> messages would be fantastic.
>> * Messages from other participants
>> * New tasks created
>> * New participants
>> Suggested Optional:
>> * New comment to task created (in task) - I'm a little undecided if this
>> one should be default
> I like seeing the activity personally which would be comments. It shows how
> the course/group is "alive."
>> * External feeds (these are creating most of the noise I think)
> Yes. They are. And sometimes they're showing up multiple times. I think I
> know why but haven't come up with a great solution to it.
>> * New follower
>>>    Can this decsion be made by the person who creates the group?
>> I'll stick my head out and suggest that we do NOT give users the option to
>> control this. I anticipate that this will cause a lot of discussion, but
>> there is research on UX design that shows more options make users unhappy
>> (and confused). Is there really a course where participants would not want
>> to see messages from the organizers, other participants and task creation in
>> the activity stream?
> I also agree that too many options cause confusion/unhappiness.
>> If we notice that users struggle with the defaults - then we adjust (or
>> give more options).
>>>    But what events/activities do we choose to display?
>>>    Zuzel will send a mail to the dev list to get feedback, but will
>>> need to implement something by Monday.
>>> ===============================================================
>>> There are 4 different kinds of activities in the wall:
>>> * messages posted to the wall by organizers and participants (soon
>>> threaded to allow discussions not related to tasks to happen inside a
>>> group)
>>> * activity related to tasks (creation of new tasks, non minor editions
>>> to tasks, threaded comments around tasks)
>>> * activity that is shared by the organizers from the external links
>>> the group is subscribed to.
>>> * activity related to new faces interested on the course (someone is
>>> following the course)
>>> We have to decide which of this will be in by default on the wall, and
>>> with can be seen or filtered for quickly access by clicking on
>>> predefined filters (e.g. See activity related to [everything],
>>> [messages], [tasks], [subscriptions], [people]).
>> Filter options:
>> [Messages from Organizer]
>> [All messages]
>> [New tasks]
>> [Subscriptions]
> +1 to all this. Edits on tasks maybe but that's more helpful if someone
> makes a "placeholder" task that is empty. I figure the organizer would then
> post to the wall that the task is now ready for work.
>>> Thoughts?
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>>> Thanks,
>>>    Zuzel
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