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Jessica Ledbetter jessica at jessicaledbetter.com
Thu Jul 7 20:59:02 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 3:44 PM, Philipp Schmidt <philipp at p2pu.org> wrote:

> Suggested Default:
> * Messages from course organizer (in separate color?)

An easy way to see just the messages from the organizer would be helpful. I
think we'd talked about allowing an organizer to have an "important message"
on the group's main page. So being able to filter just for organizer
messages would be fantastic.

> * Messages from other participants
> * New tasks created
> * New participants
> Suggested Optional:
> * New comment to task created (in task) - I'm a little undecided if this
> one should be default

I like seeing the activity personally which would be comments. It shows how
the course/group is "alive."

> * External feeds (these are creating most of the noise I think)

Yes. They are. And sometimes they're showing up multiple times. I think I
know why but haven't come up with a great solution to it.

> * New follower
>>    Can this decsion be made by the person who creates the group?
> I'll stick my head out and suggest that we do NOT give users the option to
> control this. I anticipate that this will cause a lot of discussion, but
> there is research on UX design that shows more options make users unhappy
> (and confused). Is there really a course where participants would not want
> to see messages from the organizers, other participants and task creation in
> the activity stream?
I also agree that too many options cause confusion/unhappiness.

> If we notice that users struggle with the defaults - then we adjust (or
> give more options).
>>    But what events/activities do we choose to display?
>>    Zuzel will send a mail to the dev list to get feedback, but will
>> need to implement something by Monday.
>> ===============================================================
>> There are 4 different kinds of activities in the wall:
>> * messages posted to the wall by organizers and participants (soon
>> threaded to allow discussions not related to tasks to happen inside a
>> group)
>> * activity related to tasks (creation of new tasks, non minor editions
>> to tasks, threaded comments around tasks)
>> * activity that is shared by the organizers from the external links
>> the group is subscribed to.
>> * activity related to new faces interested on the course (someone is
>> following the course)
>> We have to decide which of this will be in by default on the wall, and
>> with can be seen or filtered for quickly access by clicking on
>> predefined filters (e.g. See activity related to [everything],
>> [messages], [tasks], [subscriptions], [people]).
> Filter options:
> [Messages from Organizer]
[All messages]
> [New tasks]
> [Subscriptions]
+1 to all this. Edits on tasks maybe but that's more helpful if someone
makes a "placeholder" task that is empty. I figure the organizer would then
post to the wall that the task is now ready for work.

>> Thoughts?
>> --
>> Thanks,
>>    Zuzel
Jessica Ledbetter
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