[p2pu-dev] Notes from Community Call - 7 July 2011

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Hello good people of P2PU*

*Please find below the notes from this week's community call. It was a good
one - fast and productive, like, ummm... a good hamburger. Please take a
look at the last item about meeting management - we want to make sure stuff
can be included and not shunted from one meeting to another...



   - Is the activity wall being utilized in the best way?
   - Recap on the Toronto Dev Meeting; SoW plans
   - New Schools of Open Data and Citizen CyberScience
   - Pushed from last week (and pushing again to email updates and next
   - Survey [Ali]
   - SoW features / design update [Pippa]
   - Pushed to next week: How should p2pu welcome new users and create
   social relationships among them?
   - Pushed to next week: How can we encourage better spelling and grammar
   in courses?
   - Meeting management


   - Alison (for beginning)
   - Jessica (pad)
   - Erin
   - Philipp


   - adding sections to handbook
   - reviewing new courses


   - User tags phase 1
   - Attended second (thank you, Zuzel!) session of dev meeting
   - Study group/Course tags phase 1 is next
   - Back from oodles of travel though internet connectivity at work is very


   - Admin
   - OKCon follow-up
   - Planning a course


   - I'm back!!
   - Strategy meeting in Toronto (just got back)
   - Tons and tons of meetings - getting caught back up after the drive
   - Regrouping on badge integration


   - Release 0.9 --
   - Adjusted short term priorities during meeting at Toronto --


   -  Working on having features ready for the start of MoJo learning labs.
   - dev meetings yesterday --


*A*ctivity wall

   - Can we streamline the actvity on the activity wall in a way that
   eliminates some of the noise and allows us make it more useful for showing
   what is happening in courses? At the moment it pulls in a lot of general
   - Could be a very powerful tool
   - What does the community see as being important/valuable activity
   - One of the changes being made this week (monday) will be the ability
   for users to filter the wall, and allow users to create threaded
   conversations. -- http://pad.p2pu.org/SowTorontoDev -- filters have to go
   in before monday
   - Do we want to display, by default, certain things? Or all do we want,
   for example, only to have status updates or group information?
   - Can this decsion be made by the person who creates the group?
   - But what events/activities do we choose to display?
   - Zuzel will send a mail to the dev list to get feedback, but will need
   to implement something by Monday.

 *Recap on the Toronto Dev Meeting; SoW plans*

   - Couple of meetings about SoW been held - refocusing and forward
   planning with Mozilla (as part of their planning activities)
   - What is a realistic possibility to prove that we can do web developer
   - In what area are we strong, and can we match this to P2PU strengths,
   and build a strong community for peer learning around this?
   - John will focus more on SoW and build the model that can then be used
   to support other skills
   - A content person will be brought one
   - A high-quality set of tasks will be developed which would lead to a
   badge at the end.
   - Forgot: three pronged social approach (mentors, cohorts/courses,
   - More detail: http://etherpad.mozilla.com:9000/SoWToronto
   - *Question:*  If we identify a small set of features for one course will
   this be the focus for now, and other badges are on the back burner? --
   - In terms of functionality, the software building should cover
   - Perhaps a smaller set of badges is required as a proof of concept. Erin
   and John and Pippa to discuss this in detail
   - Content area for the tasks has not been set yet, 3 areas we are
   interested in, Webmaking 101 is a possibility. If we can show that the
   mechanics for earning badges is hard in the outside world it would be a win,
   but it's not essential that people are able to use the badges to get jobs in
   the pilot, but this is something to consider.
   - Overall timing: we need proof of concept by 30 August, and evidence by

   - *New Schools of Open Data and Citizen CyberScience*

   - Philipp and OKFN to talk next week in DC, and with CC
   - This conversation could be a start for building a support package for
   *Meeting management*

   - Agenda items from last week can't be addressed this week becuase the
   people who propsed them are unable to make the meeting.
   - Suggested that if people want to add items to the agenda, they either
   add their name and take ownership during the meeting, or
   - send an email to Bekka/Community with a basic outline of what they want
   to say (if they can't make it) so it can be discussed, and not left on the

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