[p2pu-dev] add new googl+1 button to the site

Philipp Schmidt philipp at p2pu.org
Fri Jul 1 17:01:35 UTC 2011

On 1 July 2011 18:49, Jessica Ledbetter <jessica at jessicaledbetter.com>wrote:

> I +1
> Har har har ;)
> Ok, working today anyway on profiles and whatnot. So can easily add this
> snippet to user profile and study group home page.
> I can't remember why we don't have "Like" yet. Was there an issue with
> privacy or something?
Yes - and I don't know enough about google+ to know if there is a problem.

Apparently there is a way to integrate "Like" that is not an issue (and
Mozilla has done that on other sites) but it's not straight forward. But I
don't know the details.

Hoping the smart people here can advise.

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