[p2pu-dev] P2PU Classroom Dating Service / Platform Feature Request

Dan Diebolt dandiebolt at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 19:12:21 UTC 2011

A clever member in the jQuery course has submitted a novel piece of work for
the second week assignment. A sample set of 100 records with three dozen
fields reflecting a virtual class was created and placed on an external
website. The assignment was to retrieve the data using jQuery and to produce
some type of dynamic display of the data (dealer's choice). This particular
member created a Classroom Dating Service and added controls with search
criteria and displayed matching virtual dates on a dynamically update a
Google map:
*Classroom Date Finder With Search Controls And Google Map (move the slider)

He is a couple of other submissions that range from brilliant to basic:

*Information Cards for Class Roster (pulls photos from Twitter; expandos;
links to Google Maps)*

*Simple Class Roster (simple styling)*

jsFiddle is a run away success with this class and is ideal for WebCraft
courses. Similar tools need to be identified and integrated with the P2PU
platform even for non-WebCraft courses. The features that make this
particular tool extremely attractive are:

   1. collaborative requiring no installation;
   2. users can fork each others work;
   3. lightweight requiring no credentials, uploads,
   server configuration etc;
   4. HTML, JavaScrpt and CSS content is stripped of the normal <body>,
   <script> and <link> containers so users can focus on one technology area as
   they author and debug

One feature in jsFiddle that extremely few people use is the ability to
discuss and comment on the fiddle by clicking on the "Discuss" button on
this presentation of the fiddle:


So after having updated on progress in this course and possibly entertained
you with these examples, here is my platform feature request:

We need a way in the P2PU platform (and especially for WebCraft courses) for
users to submit a URL field and possibly some other fields for meta data
(description, notes, etc) representing their homework, assignment, quiz,
project or whatever and allow comments and discussion to be added to the
entry. If P2PU were sticking with Drupal this could be implemented using CCK
and creating new content types for homework, assignment, quiz, project etc.
I don't know much about the new platform but in my view it is critical that
there be a feature like this for a user to be able to identify their work
products through a form on the P2PU platform and allow discussion and
comments on the work in a seamless fashion. The fields in the form could
represent a URL for a web page they authored, video they uploaded, blog they
made etc. But the P2PU platform would be used as an aggregation point for of
this content that would bind all the information together under the
particular course container and not disassociate identify even though the
content exists outside of the P2PU platform.

Please consider making this feature in the new platform. How long will it
take? I am willing to bet there are members in this course alone that would
like to help out designing this feature if the opportunity were presented to
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