[p2pu-dev] quick question: how many of you have used LDAP before? (opinions about how to migrate users from the drupal site to lernanta)

zuzel.vp zuzel.vp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 01:44:47 UTC 2011

Then, we need to see from this services which have support for LDAP,
openid, or any other kind of external authentication.


On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 7:34 PM, Pippa Buchanan <Pippa.Buchanan at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think that Stian raises a key point here: we'd not just use LDAP / custom
> made identity management for the a one-off but for automatically connecting
> users with other P2PU hosted services in an ongoing basis and allowing
> consistency of identity across those services. I think this is a very
> important aspect of this discussion.
> As it currently sits, users need to create multiple user accounts to deal
> with the various systems that P2PU recommends, whether they be OSQA, Pivotal
> Tracker, UserVoice, Open Atrium (tracker.p2pu.org), a wiki, mailing lists,
> blogs etc.  LDAP is supported already for many of these systems and as it is
> frequently used, it is relatively well documented.  Surely creating custom
> migration / identity management for every service going to be more time
> consuming and challenging than learning how to use LDAP?  I think Jessy-Kate
> made this point very well and makes it clear that we can have LDAP and
> support OpenID too.
> In my mind the experience of community members (and most importantly course
> participants) is made much more difficult through that process of creating
> accounts for each individual service. Maybe its a little bit like making it
> difficult to click through to buy something and losing sales as a result -
> in order to participate in learning I should not have to wait for
> confirmation emails from every service, I should not have to create my
> profile information afresh etc etc.
> The current setup is making learners lives far more difficult than they need
> to be and quite possibly multiple sign-ups and managing multiple accounts is
> one factor leading to course drop-outs.
> Pippa
> On 9 February 2011 05:19, Stian Håklev <shaklev at gmail.com> wrote:
>> This is very useful. However, this was a straight migration, for P2PU the
>> concern currently is to enable OSQA and Drupal integration in the short
>> term, and longer term to enable integration with a number of different
>> services (potentially IRC, Big Blue Button, OSQA, a wiki, etc).
>> Going to play with your new site now! :)
>> Stian
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