[p2pu-dev] Notes from Community Call - 15 December 2011

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Thu Dec 15 17:03:42 UTC 2011

Hi everyone

Here are the notes from today's community call. Thanks to everyone who
showed up to our first meeting on our styling new etherpad (actually, it's
exactly the same as the old one.... but hey...)

As always, the notes, as well as the chat transcript can be found on the
pad: *http://pad.p2pu.org/community2*

December 15th*

* Agenda*:

   - Attendees

   - Standups

   - Alison

   - promotional cycle starts JAN

   - need to bulk up P2PU with new courses for this

   - Will combine with a big call via facebook and twitter

   - If we do this over the holidays, we need to have a plan for managing
   any hassles that might arise

   - Ali: if we can get people to just sign up now (december)

   - then the creation of courses can take place after the holidays, with
   more hands-on help in mid-January

   - re-designing DIY U for new year w/ 2 new volunteers

   - experimenting with challenges

   - breaking down the DIY U book for challenge model

   - need a way for learners to show what they've done/learnt

   - been largely absent this week. family matters. apologies.

   - Bekka

   - Marketing text being written

   - General admin

   - set up p2pu flickr

   - Chloe (Toronto Challenge Hackjam)

   - John

   - Django Developer

   - 8 Applicants so far, and they're still coming

   - stackoverflow applications aren't as high-quality as some of the others

   - John has interviews with 2 college students who are interested

   - Anyone with connections to open source groups, please spread the word
   (without being spammy!)

   - 2 interviews today

   - Free posting from Stack Overflow

   - Going out this weekend in a few newsletters

   - Included in P2PU weekly email

   - Webmaking 101 - Revising content

   - P2PU in Swedish - *DONE* yay! awesome!

   - help at p2pu.org is getting a lot more traffic

   - Philipp

   - Proposals proposals proposals

   - DML Competition Phase II - Submit an "issuer tech" proposal

   - NSF - School of Games

   - IRRODL - article review

   - Budgets for 2012

   - Year end invoices

   - Zuzel (Toronto Challenge Hackjam)

   - New Courses

   - READY:

   - OpenFiction - Point of View:

   - OpenFiction - Plot: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/openfiction-plot/


   - Online Teacher Professional Development:

   - Basic english for adults:

   - *re/mix: art on the web: **

   - *ArtsWatch Writing Workshop: **

   - Poetry: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/poetry/

   - *Common Misuse:* http://p2pu.org/en/groups/natiormazabal/

   - People often create a course that is an expression of what they want
   to learn, like it's a profile page

   - This could be experimentation, or they could be confused

   - Most often a case with english 2nd langauge users (we think)

   - Is this a navigation problem? Are we using the wrong verbs?

   - Brylie -> could we have an onboarding process where experienced users
   could help? Or there is an automated / video explanation of how to sign up

   - We've discussed this (hybrid approach) in the past, if it's an
   automated system, a mentor could help with sticking points

   - Showcase items:

   - Wanting year-end reviews from Schools + P2PU recap. Will post
   consecutively once ready.

   - Promotional cycle begins JAN.

   - Open Education Week (March 5-10 2012) / What is P2PU's contribution?

   - http://www.openeducationweek.org/

   - *http://www.openeducationweek.org/2011/12/13/call-for-participation/*<http://www.openeducationweek.org/2011/12/13/call-for-participation/>

   - There isn't really any set format for this, we can do pretty much
   whatever we want.

   - There will be quite a lot of mainstream media in US/Europe of this

   - Global meetups (24 hours of peer learning)

   - local meetups, tech sprints,

   - Philipp - I'll do one in Austin, TX (SXSW)

   - Bekka - will do one in either London or JHB

   - John: Keen to do one wherever he may be (SXSW)

   - Niels - something / somewhere

   - Provide a pre-recorded informational virtual tour of your project,
   work, or organization.

   - live walk-throughs & videos

   - Offer a webinar with live Q&A

   - Pre-record a presentation on open education concepts.

   - On the future of open education

   - Need ideas for presentations and seminars that people WANT to do

   - Challenges - Eliminating barriers in online learning (John)

   - Opportunity to launch a "big" round of courses during the week

   - Brylie -> put a request out for help with the Geospatial course, some
   people suggested having a concurrent online and real-time course

   - Interested in BBB

   - OpenEduWeek will use a different system, because it's free (donated)
   and BBB would have charged 15k USD to support the expected demand

   - DML Competition

   - Phase 1 disappointments - CC and CERN proposals didn't make it through

   - Phase 2 opportunities - build out existing prototype into turn-key

   - http://www.dmlcompetition.net/Competition/4/badges-stage-2.php

   - generally making what we have more useable

   - deadline is Jan 12

   - Announcement: Interesting Learning Analytics Course (who should

   - http://www.solaresearch.org/resources/

   - Who can make a walkthrough video for "challenges" incl. badges?

   - Philipp spends a lot of time explaining what a challenge is and people
   don't get it - having a video I could share would help a lot

   - NEXT STEPS: Alison & Chloe will work on this initially,

   - the sooner the better - a rough version by early next week

   - Badges and assessment need to be included

   - P: will you send us an email with direct ask? This is it ;-) --> A
   short screencast that shows how the challenges work, incl. assessment and

   - Brylie -> Anyone have any resources on mixing GFDL and some CC
   licenced content?b

   - janepark at creativecommons.org

   - Niels

   - Expressions of interest for UK training courses in recycling for Local

   - Niels has been talking to WRAP - a body in the UK - they have offered
   online and offline courses in a virtual learning environment

   - Niels has discussed working with them to provide the social wrapper to
   create something like a school of resource efficiency

   - They have some questions about the liscening, but it's not an

   - (WRAP) School of resource efficiency?

   - Next steps:

   - Expression of interest will be up in January, once it's up, Niels will
   call on the community for help

   - In the meantime, we need to think about ways to help - and how to
   create a school and build a community around the school

   - Niels will take responsibility for the tender
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