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BTW, that type of thing would be something you could apply to Stage 2 of
the DML Badge Competition for to get some money/resources to help out...

Stage 2 just opened yesterday.


On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 9:02 AM, Erin Knight <erin.knight21 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Yes! There is A LOT of interest for this. As you can see from the initial
> emails in the chain, many assume Mozilla is doing this but for now, we are
> not b/c we are not providing a learning platform. Better to let the people
> who know more about this (like you!) innovate and provide tools like this.
> I've been campaigning to even just clean up and release the badge pilot
> OSQA environment as an option for people. But if there is a way to app- or
> widget-ize the challenge/badge stuff, that would be awesome. Even might be
> something people are willing to pay for...
> -E
> On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 5:30 AM, Philipp Schmidt <philipp at p2pu.org> wrote:
>> Worth a look. There might be an opportunity to provide learning
>> challenges & badges as a service to institutions.
>> Jonathan's message got some interest right away.
>> P
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>> From: Jonathan Finkelstein <jonathan at learningtimes.com>
>> Date: 13 December 2011 01:06
>> Subject: Re: How to get started with Badges - Open Source / WordPress
>> To: badge-lab <badge-lab at googlegroups.com>
>> Cc: Jonathan Finkelstein <jonathan at learningtimes.com>
>> Adam:
>> We've developed an open source Badge-based learning system that
>> connects with Mozilla Open Badges. Take a look here:
>> http://www.BadgeStack.com
>> The system operates as a plugin to WordPress. Its features match your
>> requirements list nicely (I've included a list of some of them below).
>> We're currently making BadgeStack available on a hosted basis, with
>> full access to the system, and it's now in use by some large education
>> institutions.  We are also working with an advisory group of
>> education,  museum,  library and other non-profit groups to further
>> extend the system. As part of the “BadgeStack Project” we intend to
>> release a downloadable version of BadgeStack, in addition to the
>> hosted version.
>> If you (or anyone else on this list) would like to learn more or want
>> to be part of the BadgeStack Project Advisory group,  you can write to
>> project at badgestack.org or contact me directly at
>> jonathan at learningtimes.org.
>> Thanks!Jonathan FinkelsteinLearningTimeshttp://www.BadgeStack.comhttp://
>> www.learningtimes.com/badges212-239-2100
>> x88 <http://www.learningtimes.com/badges212-239-2100x88>
>> Some of the BadgeStack features:
>> - ability to make and issue your own badges- define and create quests
>> (activities) that must be completed    to earn badges- issue rewards
>> and badges for social engagement- ability for learners to reward peers
>> for contributions- instructor/expert review and assessment process-
>> Open Badges support for sharing badges across the web- single sign on
>> available with LMSs- Facebook/LinkedIn sharing, or sharing on any blog
>> or site- Option for learners to show their work and badges publicly or
>> privately.- Customizable "Leaderboards" (or Hall of Fames!) for
>> showcasing    achievements across different skills and behaviors. -
>> Ongoing journals / portfolios of student work- Ability to completely
>> customize the rules for receiving badges, and   leveling up in the
>> system.- Allows for customization of look and feel of site.-
>> Integration of discussions forums, group cohorts, and    features
>> offered by BuddyPress
>> On Dec 12, 9:42 am, Adam Montandon <montan... at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Hi everyone.
>> >
>> > My name is Adam, I am a teacher in Denmark at a multimedia school.
>> > I know a lot of HTML/PHP/MYsql and things like that, and Im not afraid
>> > to learn.
>> >
>> > I would really like to build / work with some kind of open source
>> > system that allows myself and the other teachers at the school to give
>> > out badges to our students, and the students can then display them on
>> > their wordpress blogs, facebook walls or other places online.
>> >
>> > I would also like to have a "hall of fame" page where you could see
>> > the students in some kind of "highscore" order for those with the most
>> > badges.
>> >
>> > The badges would be given only by the teachers, for real world (non
>> > digital) tasks. Eg "I did a great presentation badge" or "I was really
>> > helpful in class badge" etc etc. Just as a fun reward.
>> >
>> > I have been reading up on the Openbadges pages, and it sounds like it
>> > is exactly what I need.
>> >
>> > But I am having trouble knowing how to get started on a PRACTICAL
>> > level.
>> >
>> > Are there any good tutorials out there that you could recommend?
>> > Where is the best place to get started with the coding?
>> >
>> > What I would like to start learning is:
>> > 1) How do I make and issue my own badges?
>> > 2) How do I give those badges to other people?
>> > 3) How do other people show off their badges?
>> > 4) How do I create a "hall of fame"?
>> >
>> > I have been searching around and reading all day, but couldnt quite
>> > find anything on this.
>> >
>> > Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
>> >
>> > Thank you so so much
>> > Adam
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