[p2pu-dev] Notes from P2PU Community Call 1 December 2011

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Thu Dec 1 21:25:52 UTC 2011

Hi folks

Here are the notes from this week's community call. It was a great call,
brilliantly productive, and lovely to have some community members who have
not joined the call before. Thanks to everyone who joined us, and those who
may have lurked in the background.

All the notes, as well as the chat transcripts, can be found on the
etherpad: http://pad.p2pu.org/community

*1** **December** 2011*


   - Carla
   - John
   - Philipp
   - Brylie
   - Bekka
   - Zuzel
   - Alison
   - Chloe
   - Arlton
   - Laura

   - Standups

   - Alison
   - new organizers & courses
   - help desk hours
   - new DIY U course
   - -> in EST for Dec

   - Bekka
   - Finished workshop recon - we're beautifully under budget
   - other admin stuff
   - setting up bookkeeping

   - Chloe (prepping for TEDx Athens)
   - Challenges UX Fixes wt Zuzel & Arlton (from Jessica)
   - Challenges Hackasaurus UX wireframing- in process
   - How to make a challenge curriculum- - in process
   - John
   - job descriptions
   - template
   - django developer
   - designer
   - Google Grants program
   - We're already in nonprofits... just filling some paperwork
   - Jobs / Staff page going up soon now that we have content
   - Profile Updates - UX from before workshop
   - Group Discovery - good thread happening on the list

   - Philipp
   - Proposals (webcraft, school of data shuttleworth)
   - Shuttleworth report
   - Meetings in DC (Ashoka U, SoSI, P2PhD)
   - Next week -> holiday
   - Zuzel
   - Working on improvements for badges from the Challenge Fixes 1.0 board
   - (any other attendees that want to give an update)

   - New Courses

   - http://p2pu.org/en/groups/game-theory-at-stanford/

   - http://p2pu.org/en/groups/arduino-build-and-hack-the-planet/

   - CSET Math I:

   - CSET Math III:

   - CSET Science I:

   - CSET Science II:

   - Part-time designer [John]

   - http://pad.p2pu.org/designer

   - I have someone in mind that I would like to bring on, what's the
   correct process for going to the community?

   - Part-time position, and this would include non-online branding stuff
   (t-shirts, business cards etc) - at the moment we have no 1 person
   providing visual identity.

   - Philipp -> have always felt that this kind of work should be the type
   of thing that we attract vounteers to do, perhaps with the guidence of a
   designer who has created the visual identity

   - Philipp -> "Create and expand the visual identity of P2PU. Distribute
   a clear set of visual guidelines for others to use" is actually a major
   undertaking, and I think this is not something we have the resources to
   focus on at the moment.

   - Carla -> This is an exponentially expanding undertaking, and it can go
   on for a very long time

   - John -> at the moment we don't have anyone available for any design
   work, and we don't have a standardised look

   - Build on the existing P2PU image (however inadvertedly it has come

   - What's the process:

   - Push out to the community list

   - Give preference to past contribution, but keep the process open

   - Board said in principle P2PU positions should be openly advertised and
   competitively assessed, but there is flexibility for considering past

   - Plan going forward:

   - Be open

   - Post to the list with note that we have someone in mind with past
   contribution history

   - Philipp -> suggestion: we want to move as quickly as possible on this,
   so maybe reword the phrasing of the pad to make it less
far-reaching, and focus
   on improving the design aspects of the site (this will lead to bigger
   changes in the future, but let's keep it out of the specs for now).

   - Focus:

   - Design review of the site,

   - ensure consistency across the site,

   - make improvements to default elements

   - record best practices

   - Chloe: let's keep the description very clear, so that potential
   candidates don't think that this is a big branding undertaking, and is more
   about consistency

   - Toronto Hackfest in December

   - Agenda: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/ChallengesHackathon

   - Dates: 14-16 Dec

   - 1. Creating Awesome Hackasaurus Challenges

   - Won't this need the partner account functionality ready before this

   - 2. Getting all copy changes done (there aren't many)

   - 3. Getting Feedback & Knocking out as much of the UX Dev stuff as we
   can (wireframes should be created, submitted to community, and approved
   by then)

   - feedback requests that go out to the community are for
improvementsthat originally have come out of the feedback we have
collected from p2pu
   workshop and mozfest >>>

   - 4. Getting feedback for challenges 101 (how to make challenges

   - Participants: Chloe, Zuzel, Jess (MoFo), Atul (MoFo), Laura (MoFo) ...

   - Possible Toronto Hackfest in Jan (possibly around the 12th)

   - Prototype P2PU Lab events and make as much real-world progress as

   - idea driven by Alan and SoSI

   - http://p2pu.org/en/schools/school-of-social-innovation/

   - Pick a learning experiment and make as much progress as possible

   - get stuff done on the site

   - Who should be there: Developers, P2PU core community members,
   Mozillians ...

   - more notice would be nice for both of these events I don't think I can
   make either

   - December event is very focused and doesn't need broad participation

   - January event is a completely new idea - we can do it later - not tied
   to the mid January timing

   - OBI integration

   - Has P2PU done any implementation of the beta open badges

   - it changes periodically but we're fairly stable now.

   - we may see more changes to OBI in January. :)

   - Brylie -> been looking at P2PU and Khan Academy and see a lot of
   similarities in code and design - wondering about the possibility of
   collaboration or integration

   - John: seems like Khan academy is more individual, while P2PU is more
   community-focused, so you could work through Khan academy material at P2PU

   - Bryley: KA has mentorship interface, feedback system for badges /
   energy points - would be nice to affirm regular contributions from
   community members

   - Philipp -> KA have hired some really innovative people, is the code on
   Github or openly available - has anyone looked? Sense is that they're
   moving very fast away from just content

   - Brylie -> looked at code from April, the quality of the development is
   amazing, would be willing to keep looking
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