[p2pu-dev] Activity streams on new.p2pu.org

Alison Jean Cole alisonjean.cole at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 15:05:15 UTC 2011

Hi Zuzel + lernanta hackers,

Wondering what your thoughts are regarding the current volume of activity
streams. I'm not sure how relevant it is to pull in everyone's tweets and
OSQA activity from my followers I really like and follow Pippa, for example,
but say she decides to tweet up a storm about perhaps getting a new cat and
wants the worlds input. This will bury my dashboard. I mention OSQA as well
because there's a lot of spam activity that happens there and I don't need
my followers to see all the spam I'm marking down, etc.

As a learner I'd only want to see material relevant to my study groups and
that's about it. Are there plans to allow "editing" of activity streams or
streamlining it in future releases?

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